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Reefer and Cold Chain Services

Reefer Container Movement

Reefers, or Refrigerated containers facilitate the movement of cargo that requires a strict temperature controlled environment. Running of Reefer services requires a certain degree of Infrastructure development at the handling terminals, and CONCOR has made such facilities available at its terminals at ICD Dadri and ICD Kanpur.

The Reefer containers are moved from the terminal to the factories for stuffing on special trailers, on which a "clip on" generator can be attached to supply power to the Reefer units. On return to the ICD, they are stacked at a nominated location with special facilities for plugging in the containers to uninterrupted power sources, and regular temperature monitoring.

The reefer containers are moved on High Speed "BLCA" wagons between ICD Dadri/ICD Kanpur, Dhappar (Punjab) and Gateway ports. Shortly, CONCOR shall also start Reefer movement from MMLP Barhi (Haryana). The power to the units while on run is provided from specially designed power packs which are fitted in modified 20/40 ft containers, and loaded on the trains. CONCOR has various capacities of Power packs (44 FEUs,24 FEUs,22 FEUs) available to suit the operational requirements thus enabling CONCOR to run full as well as partial reefer rakes.

Cold Chains

A key business area with high potential for growth is the provision of Cold Chains. This involves providing transportation to perishable products from source to end-user, while maintaining a certain temperature along the route. Absence of Reefer container linkages and high and increasing power costs are proving to be major hurdle in growth of import/export of perishable cargo.

CONCOR is already providing basic rail based reefer services between Dadri/Kanpur/Dhappar and various Ports, it could get into providing cold chain solutions by making a few arrangements that would expand its market presence. These would mainly include:
  • Tie up with an international major, preferably with developing country experience with both technology and equity commitment for bringing in the basic equipment.
  • Organize terminal to factory transport, refrigerated warehouses-where needed, and delivery, while maintaining both temperature controlled environments, as well as transit commitments.
  • • Identify viable corridors for specific products. This will require tying up with producers and consumers independently or tie up with a food processing major to distribute its products. Return trips wherever possible make cold chain operations more profitable, and sometimes represent the difference between break even and loss.

As a step in this direction, since 2017, CONCOR is operating ‘Temperature Controlled Warehouse’ of 2000 MT capacity at ICD Dadri. The facility has been divided into 7 separate chambers enabling storage of perishable cargo within the premises of CONCOR. Out of these, 3 chambers are meant for storage of Meat, Sea food, Dairy products, Frozen vegetables etc, while the remaining 4 can store fresh flowers, fresh vegetables, vaccines, medical supplies etc.