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Handling Equipment

Successful operation of container terminals requires close attention to be provided in planning for the deployment of equipment that will be used in the handling operations at the terminal. Keeping in view the goal to provide efficient and satisfactory customer service, CONCOR has consistently been a leader in introducing and using the most modern handling equipment available at our terminals.

CONCOR's strategy in the development of a pool of equipment that can be used at its terminals has been two fold. For smaller terminals, we have generally sought to outsource the equipment while ensuring quality by setting stringent conditions on the vintage of machines deployed, the number of moves to be carried out per hour or per shift, and also by imposing tough penalty conditions on non-performance. CONCOR has also been proactive in terms of offering financing support for acquiring modern equipment as a vendor development strategy.

In recent years, the company has also acquired equipment such as reach stackers directly, and outsourced the operations and maintenance activities. This has been done to ensure that the most modern and efficient equipment is deployed at our terminals, while keeping in check unnecessary manpower expansion, and ensuring operational efficiency by contracting equipment operations and maintenance and at the same time keeping a check on the maintenance and operating practices.

At larger terminals, especially at the Flagship terminal of Tughlakabad, Dadri & Dhandari Kalan (Ludhiana), CONCOR has itself invested in procuring, operating and even maintaining heavy equipment like Gantry Cranes and Reachstackers. Over the years, CONCOR has developed an in-house technical department that is well equipped to handle not only the routine operation, but also the regular maintenance of these machines.

At present, there are 14 gantry cranes & 108 Reach Stackers operating at Terminals of Tughlakabad, Dadri & Dhandari Kalan (Ludhiana) and various terminals. The estimated requirement of RSTs for next 5 years i.e. from 2021-22 to 2026-27 is around 115 RSTs, based on projected business growth, which will be suitably calibrated based on the actual annual business growth.


To meet the transportation requirements of domestic industry and to increase its market share for movement of domestic cargo in containers, CONCOR has to provide cargo-specific containers to the domestic customer. In order to meet the requirements of domestic users, CONCOR has also procured some Non-ISO Standard containers. Some of the Non-ISO Standard containers already in operation. In order to meet the growing and changing needs of the market, customization is the key, and it is in this area that CONCOR is focussing its plans for container acquisition.

CONCOR presently owns 23510 Containers. While acquiring new containers, CONCOR is also replacing its old containers, which have either out-lived their life or are beyond repair.

The estimated annual requirement of 20 ft/22 ft containers for 5 years, 2021-22 to 2025-26, based on projected business growth, which will be suitably calibrated based on the actual annual business growth, is on an average 8000 containers/annum.