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Terminal Facilities

Terminal Facilities

CONCOR started its operations by taking over 7 existing ICDs from the Indian Railways, and has now grown to a network of 63 terminals ( 59 terminals and 4 strategic tie-ups ). Most of these terminals have been developed on land obtained on lease from the Indian Railways. Most of this land had been idling or identified as surplus land, and the inputs that have been put in by CONCOR have completely changed the face of these locations. Modern container handling terminals have been developed with state-of-the-art facilities for handling and amenities for the users.

Container handling terminals have been designed and built by CONCOR's in house engineering department. The design is invariably modular in nature. This means that the terminals have been developed keeping in mind the minimum investment while seeking to provide the best facilities. As the terminals have grown in terms of business handled, the utilized space has also been expanded by both adding facilities such as warehouses and paving, and/or by upgrading existing facilities to allow for the handling of higher volumes.

One of the major technological inputs put in by CONCOR in the area of terminal development has been the use of heavy duty paving using M-50 concrete blocks. This paving is not only easy to lay down, it also provides considerable long term savings due to minimum maintenance and upkeep requirements.

In the area of warehousing as well, use of the latest technology has resulted in the development of state of the art facilities. At Bangalore, use of pre-fabricated structures resulted in the commissioning of warehouses within 3 months of starting construction. Facilities such as refrigerated warehouses, multi-tier stacking facilities, special handling areas for heavy cargo, hazardous cargo etc., have also contributed to making CONCOR's terminals the most modern logistics hubs in the country.