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Hazardous Commodities

Hazardous Commodities


Transportation of hazardous cargo on containers by rail are subject to the statutory provisions of the IRCA Red Tariff. Railways have also accorded provisional permission for carriage of dangerous / hazardous / offensive goods which fall under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code in containers, subject to their packing and stuffing being as per specifications of the IMDG Code.

The following is the procedure that shall be followed by CONCOR in booking of hazardous cargo in containers :
  • When a container is laden with a commodity classified as hazardous in IRCA Red Tariff or IMDG Code, CONCOR shall accept it for rail booking only on a pink forwarding note , and collect the prescribed additional surcharges.
  • There should be no restriction in acceptance of containers laden with commodities not classified as hazardous both as per IMDG Code as well as in IRCA Red Tariff.
  • In case, lines offer containers , containing some commodities with apparent dangerous / hazardous characteristics and if such commodities do not find any reference in either IRCA Red Tariff or IRCA Goods Tariff or IMDG Code, then such containers will be accepted for booking by rail after taking a specific undertaking from the shipping line that the cargo loaded in the containers is not hazardous.
For the list of dangerous / hazardous commodities notified in IRCA Red Tariff and IMDG Code click the link given below :