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Cabotage of ISO Container

Cabotage of ISO Container

Extensive movement of shipping-line empty containers is undertaken by CONCOR to balance the differential levels of exports and imports in the country today. This movement of empty containers represents a wasted capacity, especially on routes where substantial domestic traffic is available for parallel movement by road or even on rail. In order to optimize the use of its resources, CONCOR offers the facility of "cabotage" to shipping lines who wish to move empty containers as balancing movements. A "cabotaged" container is effectively loaned by the shipping company to the carrier (in this caseCONCOR) for a very short period (usually a single one way trip). During this trip, the carrier is permitted to use the container for movement of domestic cargo. By "cabotaging" these containers, CONCORcan therefore offer a substantial discount to both shipping lines and the potential domestic client. This is seen as an area of focus and strategy to boost volumes and profitability.

CONCOR offers on demand Cabotage services, subject to availability of adequate domestic traffic volumes in a particular stream.