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Information Systems

IT forms the backbone of any service industry, where information correlates directly with improved levels of efficiency. In the transport sector, antiquated, cumbersome paper-based procedures cause an enormous waste of time and money. All too often, goods move through transport systems at a frustratingly slow speed, especially in developing countries. The physical side of trade transactions should aspire to become as efficient as the electronic transfer of money. This can be done through working partnerships among all those involved to improve logistics services through the use of information and network technology.

A primary component of CONCOR's overall business strategy has been the development of an advanced information system. CONCOR had made a container and cargo logistics information system online at Inland Container Depot at Tughlakabad in 1994 and since than most other facilities have been equipped with computer systems to monitor traffic movement for contineous cargo visibility.

CONCOR is using various online applications like Export/Import Terminal Management System (ETMS), Domestic Terminal Management System (DTMS), Oracle Financials-ERP, HR-Payroll system etc. which are based on Centralized architecture deployed through Citrix environment and running over VSAT based hybrid network.

CONCOR has been certified to ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 standard for establishing and maintaining Information Security Management System (ISMS) for its IT functionality.

CONCOR has been awarded for its project titled "Web based Integrated Container/Terminal Management System" which has been adjudged by AFACT (Asia Pacific Council for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business) as winner for e ASIA 2009 award for the category "Electronic Business in Public Sector".

Facility for electronic filing (e-filing) of commercial documents for EXIM locations have been provided to customers. This facility enables customers like Shipping lines, Importers, Exporters and CHA's to file the required documents online for process and take necessary printouts of processed output through web from anywhere without physically coming to terminal/ ICD. Digital Signatures have been integrated with e-filing to make the system more secure.

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RDT's are being used in CONCOR for online container tracking and entry of unloading / loading of containers on to wagons. Interface software was developed for automatic updation of entries through RDT's into CCLS and ETMS database for EXIM operations. RDT's are also interfaced with our Domestic Terminal Management System (DTMS) at DCT/Okhla, TNPM/Chennai and WFD/Bangalore. This has enabled any user to query the system either through LAN or Web to get the latest status and location of a container in the yard.

CONCOR has its own WebServer for providing web interface to the commercial applications i.e. ETMS, CCLS, DTMS etc. The web interface enables our customers to access information regarding their shipments by means of the website.

An integrated track and trace system was also implemented on CONCOR website for providing Container Tracking Details and apart from website, Mobile Applications has also been developed for "Contineous Cargo Visibility" of customers alongwith many other functionality.

CONCOR has also introduced automated e-mails for PDA statement, Rail out and SMS for Rail out cases for EXIM system. For availing such facility the intending customers may contact ED (MIS) at email id

CONCOR has developed web based e-filing software to provide one platform for import/export trade to perform online all their commercial transactions with EXIM locations from anywhere