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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which Geographical areas are served by CONCOR?
Q.2 How Can I contact the Key officials of CONCOR?
Q. 3 How can I know the financial and physical performance of CONCOR?
Q. 4 What is the Management Structure of CONCOR?
Q. 5 How Can I file a Public Grievance to CONCOR?
Q. 6 How Can I know the details of tenders floated and Auctions carries out by CONCOR?
Q. 7 Which Public Relation activities are carried out by CONCOR?
Q. 8 How Can I track and trace the containers carrying containerized cargo?
Q. 9 Please inform the nature of Work Environment in CONCOR and which facilities and benefits are offered by CONCOR to its Employees?
Q. 10 How Can I Know the current openings in CONCOR?
Q. 11 What are the Service Performance Standards of various services offered by CONCOR?
Q. 12 I am a customer of CONCOR. How can I contact Customer Relations Team of CONCOR and submit my feedback on services provided by CONCOR?

Ans 1.

CONCOR provide PAN India services.
The locations of the CONCOR container terminals (alongwith Map), the facilities available and the nature of services provided by each terminal are provided in the Sub-Section ‘Terminal Network’ of the ‘Facilities & Services’ section of CONCOR website

Ans 2.

Key CONCOR officials can be contacted by post, phone or e-mail.
The contact details of key CONCOR officials of CONCOR are provided at the‘Company Directory’ sub-section of the ‘Contact Us’ section of CONCOR website

Ans 3.

The details of financial and physical performance of CONCOR of last 16 years is available in the Annual Reports of the company of respective years available in the Annual Reports sub-section of Financial Section of CONCOR website


The chart of the Management Structure of CONCOR is available in the CONCOR website


Public Grievance can be filed under ‘Online Public Grievance Lodging and Monitoring System’, link of which is available in the Homepage of the CONCOR website


The details of Tenders floated and the Auctions carried out by CONCOR is available at the ‘Tender/Auction’ Section available at the Home Page of CONCOR website


The Public Relation activities carried out by CONCOR are available in the PR Policy available in the ‘The Company’ Section of CONCOR website


The facility of Track and Trace of Containers is provided in the CONCOR website where the customers can track their Container by entering the container number.


The Work Environment of CONCOR and the facilities and benefits offered by CONCOR to its employees are provided in the ‘HR and Career’ Section of CONCOR Website


The details of current openings in CONCOR and the Recruitment process is available in the ‘Recruitment Notices and Results’ sub-section of the HR and Career Section of CONCOR Website


The Service Performance Standards of various services offered by CONCOR are available in the Citizen Charter Section available at the Homepage of CONCOR Website


The contact information of CONCOR Customer Relations Team is provided in the Customer Care Section of CONCOR Website. Further, customers can provide feedback on various services provided y CONCOR in the Feedback Form provided in the same section.