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Employee Recognition & Rewards

Employee Recognition & Rewards

CONCOR HR Philosophy is rooted in encouraging employee empowerment, growth and development of individuals by realizing their potential, encouraging innovative ideas and fair distribution of rewards. Every year individual and group awards are given to boost employee morale and encourage excellence at work.

Exemplary performance of the employees in all spheres of CONCOR functioning is suitably awarded by the Directors and Regional & Departmental Heads. Group Awards and Individual Awards are given in order to recognize the efforts and hard-work put up by the employees in achieving CONCOR's objectives.

Further, employees participating in regular extra-curricular activities like contribution of write-ups in CONCOR publications, essay writing and punch-line writing contests is rewarded in order to boost the morale of the employee and to ensure happy and satisfied employees.

Suitable eligible employees are also considered for nomination for National Awards like Prime Minister Shram Awards for recognizing their exemplary contribution to the organization.

Incentives for Rajbhasha usage, marriage gift and small family norms are also provided to boost employee morale and motivate them towards good citizenship.

Performance Related Pay (PRP) is paid to all the employees based company's performance in the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) parameters and APAR Ratings of the Executives and Supervisors This variable component in the pay in the form of Performance Related Pay (PRP) is a major morale booster for superior performers as it provides incentives for better performance. Employees perceive a strong relationship between their performance and the rewards they receive which helps in raising productivity levels in the organization.