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Concor HR Philosophy and Vision

Concor HR Philosophy and Vision

CONCOR is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides life time employment. CONCOR believes that Human Resources are the key to the success and growth of the organization. The key focus of the HR philosophy at CONCOR is to align HR with the business of the organization. CONCOR Human Resource policies are aimed at congruence of the individual goals with the organizational goals.

CONCOR HR Philosophy is rooted in encouraging employee empowerment, growth and development of individuals by realizing their potential, encouraging innovative ideas and fair distribution of rewards. CONCOR envision that changes, if anchored and led in a sound way, transform organization into living organizations of people committed to corporate responsibility and growth for all.

The fundamental objective of the HR in CONCOR is to provide the organization with trained and motivated employees who will employ their skills and abilities effectively to help CONCOR achieve its goals and promote a sense of belongingness and harness retention of employees.

  • To develop a HR system and organizational capability to attract, develop, motivate, organize and retain the right talent.
  • To provide dynamic framework of personnel policies and procedures for the effective utilization of Human Resources.
  • To build capacity of human resources for efficient delivery of services to organization's stake holders.
  • To build CONCOR reputation as one of the Best place to work by maintaining quality of work life (QWL).
  • To benchmark CONCOR HR Best practices with the external organizations, generating interest in the company and building CONCOR's reputation as an employer of choice.
  • To inspire and nurture talent by ensuring that employees have the opportunity to grow within the organization and progress in their careers.
  • To formulate an employee reward and recognition policy that is fair, transparent and justifiable.
  • To build an ethical climate in the organization characterized by transparency in organizational processes, control of malpractices and encouraging socially responsible behaviour.
  • To manage change to the mutual advantage of employees, the organization and beneficiaries.
  • e-HR for achieving employee delight through information technology.